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Fissaggio duvet covers Tencel

Experience extraordinary comfort with the tencel duvet covers from Fissaggio. Tencel is extremely soft, breathable, absorbent and has a beautiful shine. This makes the duvet cover look luxurious and feels especially comfortable during your night's sleep.



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Duvet covers from Tencel

The Tencel fabric we use with Fissaggio for our luxury duvet covers is an amazing eco-friendly fabric. Tencel is a fabric made of wood. The fabric is stiff when wet, but in the process becomes soft, comfortable and strong when it dries.

With a tencel duvet cover you will experience a extraordinary comfort during your night's sleep, as tencel dust extremely soft, breathable and absorbent. In addition, a tencel has a beautiful shine, which exudes luxury. With a tencel duvet cover you bring pure luxury into your home with a very high level of comfort in your bedroom.

What is the best way to wash the tencel duvet covers?

Tips regarding washing your Fissaggio products can be found on the page washing instructions.