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Here you will find an extra set of pillowcases for your new duvet cover, or just extra new pillowcases. The luxurious pillowcases from Fissaggio feel and radiate pure luxury and comfort, because they are made from a rare soft blend of bamboo and cotton. We also have separate pillowcases for all duvet covers. Easy if you like to wash your pillowcases more often! Here you also see pillowcases which are used in other countries. Long, wide or high, all sizes available! Order them easily online!

Discover the quality of luxury pillowcases from Fissaggio.

A rare soft mix of bamboo and cotton: that is the pillowcases from Fissaggio. We have a wide range of quality pillowcases, available in different sizes. These high-quality pillowcases ensure that you can rest during your sleep. The pillowcases can be ordered separately. Would you prefer to combine directly with a beautiful duvet cover? Then discover the duvet cover sets from Fissaggio.

How can I return the pillowcases?

If you want to return the pillowcases, please contact us within 30 days by sending an email to You will receive a return form from us that you must add to the box. Please note that products must be returned in the original packaging.

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If you have any questions about our products or would like advice, please call us on +31 (0) 25 27 69 058

Fissaggio's products: quality first

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