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Materials Anthracite
100% natural materials
Fabric Anthracite
Special fabrics
Finish Anthracite
Luxury finishes
Decoration Cushion - Medallion Gray

Decoration Cushion - Medallion Gray

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Decoration Cushion - Medallion Gray

Product information

The Medaillon Series decorative cushions are hand printed using old printing techniques. The artisan specialists use their skills to use this old pressure equipment and to make each pillow a unique masterpiece for the bedroom or living room. Because these are completely handmade, every throw pillow is different and the color will always vary slightly.

The Medaillon decorative cushion is available in 2 different colors; Taupe and Gray, with the size of 50x50cm.

Matching bath mats or carpets of both colors are also available in the size 70x140cm.

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