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Materials Anthracite
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Fabric Anthracite
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Decoration Cushion - Pinstripe Gray

Decoration Cushion - Pinstripe Gray

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Deco Cushion - Natural Gray

Decoration Cushion - Pinstripe Gray

Product information

The gray and white cushion “Pinstripe Gray” is made of the soft and supple Slubyarn Cotton in the color gray with white, finished with white satin cotton at the back.
Vertical white slubyarn stripes run the full width of the cushion.
When cotton is rolled up unevenly while being spun, it forms lumps in the yarn. The knots, called "slubs", are thicker than the surrounding yarn and have little twist. This has become a popular deliberate effect. This decorative pillow fits in almost any interior, but of course fits best with our duvet covers "Pinstripe Gray" and "Grigio". It has a size of 30x50cm.
The pillow is supplied including pillow filling.

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