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Materials Anthracite
100% natural materials
Fabric Anthracite
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Finish Anthracite
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Decoration Cushion - Chunky Green

Decoration Cushion - Chunky Green

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Decoration Cushion - Chunky Green

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Product information

The Fissaggio Home Linen decoration cushion Chunky is completely hand-knotted from very thick (chunky) threads. These threads are made from a mix of Wool and Acrylic.

The decoration cushions are available in large 40x60cm dimensions and lined with fabric of matching color.
This decorative pillow belongs to the "Chunky" series and is available in 2 colors.
The pillow is supplied including pillow filling.

Supplied as standard

This product comes incl. Made-to-measure cushion filling.
0.5 kg
Size decorative pillows