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Materials Anthracite
100% natural materials
Fabric Anthracite
Special fabrics
Finish Anthracite
Luxury finishes
Decoration Cushion - Favo Sand

Decoration Cushion - Favo Sand

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Decoration Cushion 8211 Fave Cloud
Decoration Cushion 8211 Fave Thunder
Decoration Cushion 8211 Fave Thunder

Decoration Cushion - Favo Sand

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Product information

Decorative pillows Favo

This beautiful cushion Favo Sand is made of 100% cotton with a waffle structure in a beige / sand color-like color.

Throw pillow Favo is available in the colors Taupe, Coral, Ocean, Cloud, Sand and Thunder and available in the size 40x60cm.

Matching plaids are also available in the size 140x250.

A beautiful interior accessory that can be used on a bed, but also on a sofa. The decorative pillow is easy to combine with both the duvet covers and the plaids in our collection.

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Size decorative pillows