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Decoration Cushion - Feliz

Decoration Cushion - Feliz

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Decoration Cushion - Feliz

The Feliz cushion is handmade from a soft, beautiful cotton. With its cheerful colors this decorative cushion fits almost in every home. Place this cheerful cushion on your couch or on your bed and you have more style, color and comfort in your home in no time. The Feliz decorative pillow is available in the size 40x60cm.

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Product information

Decoration Cushion Feliz

Cheerful summer decorative cushion with stripes in various colors and 2 directions. Despite the various colors, they match perfectly and ensure that this cushion fits almost any interior!

The size is 40x60cm and this cushion is completely woven by hand. The back is made of cotton, which also has a zipper to remove the filling if necessary.

The decoration cushion is supplied including filling.

500 kg
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