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Materials Anthracite
100% natural materials
Fabric Anthracite
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Finish Anthracite
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Duvet cover set Hemstitch Gray

Duvet cover set Hemstitch Gray

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Duvet cover set Hemstitch Gray

Duvet Cover "Mix & Match Hemstitch Gray" This cover is part of the series "Mix & Match."

Product information

Duvet cover Hemstitch

These Hemstitch (lace) covers are made of a particularly soft mix of Bamboo and Cotton. Bamboo is very soft by nature and has many advantages. This model has an all-white cover and only the pillowcases have a band of taupe-colored lace around it.

Here are a number of advantages of bamboo / cotton.

1) Extremely Soft!

2) Breathable and absorbent. Bamboo can absorb much more moisture than cotton and breathes better.

3) Anti-bacterial and hygienic. Bamboo contains an antibacterial substance that prevents unpleasant odors, such as the smell of sweat.

4) Bamboo is a very sustainable product

Quality: Blend of 50% Bamboo and 50% Cotton  
Pillowcases: including one or two pillowcases

A single person duvet cover comes with one pillowcase. Sizes of 200cm and wider includes two pillowcases.