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Materials Anthracite
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Fabric Anthracite
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Finish Anthracite
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Duvet cover set Pinstripe Gray

Duvet cover set Pinstripe Gray

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Duvet cover set Pinstripe Gray

Brand: Flamant Home Linen

Product information

Duvet cover Pinstripe Ecru
This pinstripe duvet cover is made of unique woven cotton, the so-called "slubyarn". The white pinstripes in this fabric have different thicknesses, which ensures the special appearance. View the close-up photos and see this special effect!

The gray color also has a melange of colors, so not smooth gray but a mix of light shades of gray and white threads.

The back is made of pure white 100% percale cotton. The outer edge is completely locked with matching color threads.

By combining this design with the available decorative cushions and plaid you create your ultimate bed!

Supplied as standard

1 (for one person) or 2 pillow cases (for two person)
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