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Pillowcase Set Grayed Jade Hemstitch

Pillowcase Set Grayed Jade Hemstitch

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Pillowcase Set Grayed Jade Hemstitch

Brand: Fissaggio

Set of pillowcases in a greyish green satin cotton finished with a refined, embroidered lace or hemstitch edge.

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Product information

Set of 2 pillowcases Grayed Jade Hemstitch.

The latest collection of Satin cotton duvet covers and pillowcases are now available in various colors. Finished with a refined embroidered edge, which gives the duvets the real Fissaggio look & feel. Quality, luxury in simplicity, contemporary and unique details.
This model comes in a beautiful Grayed Jade, a greyish green color, made from 300TC Satin Cotton.

Quality: 100% satin cotton 300TC
Color: Grayed Jade (greyish green color)
Finishing: All around a refined embroidered lace / hemstitch edge

0.5 kg
Set of pillowcases

60 x 70cm, 65 x 65cm