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Pillowcase Set “Paisley Ivory” | SALE

Pillowcase Set “Paisley Ivory” | SALE

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Set Pillow Covers "Mix and Match Paisly Ivory"

Pillowcase Set “Paisley Ivory” | SALE

Product information

This series of pillowcases are made from a rare soft blend of bamboo and cotton.

Bamboo is naturally very soft and has many benefits: These are carefully explained on our dedicated page on the fabrics we use: Bamboo | Cotton

The design "Paisley Ivory" (paisley motif in ivory color) has an embroidered paisley pattern on the edge of the pillowcases.

Quality: mix of 50% bamboo and 50% cotton
Design: Duvet cover is all white, with an embroidered ivory outer border.

More info about bamboo / cotton: https://www.fissaggio.nl/fabrics/

500 kg
Set of pillowcases

40 x 80cm, 50 x 75cm, 65 x 65cm, 80 x 80cm