Towel Series Prisa White border Gray | Order SALE at Fissaggio
Materials Anthracite
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Fabric Anthracite
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Towel Series Prisa White border Gray | SALE

Towel Series Prisa White border Gray | SALE

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Towel Series Prisa White border Gray | SALE

SALE | Price is per set of 2 or 4 pieces!

Product information

4 Washcloths: normal euro 27.80 -> sale 45.00
4 guest towels 25x50 cm: normal euro 35.80 -> sale 20.00
4 Towels 50x100cm: normal euro 99.80 -> sale 56.00
2 Bath towels 90x150cm: normal euro 95.90 -> sale 55.00

The 600 gram bamboo / cotton towels "Prisa" are made of the best organic cotton and bamboo fibers.

The long loops create an incredibly soft, plush texture that makes for a strong, durable and highly absorbent towel.

Experience the wonderful softness of this fabric, the absorption of the towel and enjoy the comfort of pure nature.

Benefits of Bamboo:
1) Bamboo is one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics. Bamboo grows incredibly fast without adding - or using manure, pesticides etc.
2) Absorbs 4x more water than cotton
3) Extremely soft
4) Bamboo is hygienic, breaks down bacteria and anti-allergic

For more info about bamboo / cotton:

These towels are made in Turkey

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Prisa Collection

BathSheet 90x150cm, GuestTowel 25x50cm, HandTowel 50x100cm, WashCloth